Moscow Panoramic: Part 2

Here's the second panel of the Moscow Panorama I'm working on at the moment:

moscow centre

And here is the panorama with the first two panels combined:

moscow panorama2

This is going to be a fairly wide piece and I may have to scale it back somewhat when I finish. The key areas of Moscow's skyline are yet to be drawn and it depends how these balance with the rest of the panorama. It's important to build up a piece like this so the viewer is drawn across the cityscape and is able to discover the significant sections easily.

You can see the first post about this piece here.

Moscow Panoramic

Moscow Panoramic: Pen and Ink on Paper. Work in Progress.


The architecture in Moscow is fascinating and this is a project I've been planning for over a year now. Moscow lends itself well to a panoramic drawing because - much like London - the different types of buildings on the skyline form a narrative which illuminates the long and intriguing history of the city.


This is the left hand section of the panorama. There are probably going to be three more similar sized sections to complete the drawing and I will most likely make some adjustments to this one once I have pieced the initial drawings together. It was a struggle to choose an angle to work from so I will very likely be working on a further version at some point.